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Diploma In Paramedics

Saving a life is equivalent to saving the entire humanity

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Pursuing this program enables the student to attain a competency certificate from UMCCed





36 Months


February, May, Aug, and Nov


5 Credits in SPM / O’Levels or Equivalent (*English, Mathematics, Bahasa Malaysia, One science subject & One any other subject).


Diploma in Paramedics, prepares the candidates to be specialized healthcare personnel, enabling them to take care of the patients before they are transferred to the hospital. Paramedics are the first aid that the patient receives. They diagnose the condition of the patient and treat them accordingly till the time they are handed over to medical professionals.

This qualification is suitable for learners who have an ambition to save life, the ones that have the adrenaline rush, to handle intense situations with immense care.


A paramedic is an allied health professional, highly skilled practitioners who provide care for critical patients. The Diploma in Paramedics train the students to who are capable of providing efficient and effective pre-hospital care to the acutely ill or injured people at the primary level. They ensure that the patients or victims of any tragedy are taken care of properly and provide emergency services and first aid until they are taken to the hospital.

The three year is divided equally between academic study and practical experiences in diverse situations. The programme will qualify you as a paramedic to the required clinical, academic and professional standard.


After completing the Diploma course, students have the opportunity to work as a paramedic, as part of the ongoing effort to provide high-quality healthcare in Malaysia more and more paramedics are needed as it strives to improve its medical service.

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Windfield College
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