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Visa Requirements

Immigration Policies for International Students

All international students are required to comply with policies set by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Please adhere strictly to these requirements to minimize delay and other problems that may arise.

Requirements for New International Students:

  • Your passport needs a minimum validity of 18 months (1 ½ year) to come into the country.
  • Medical Health Certificate
  • Payment of EMGS 2100/- MYR
  • Application Form and documents duly filled and submitted
  • Offer Letter from the College to the students.

Procedure for New International Students:


  • To apply for your student pass, kindly coordinate and send all the necessary documents to the College's marketing counsellors. They will submit this to the Immigration Department of Malaysia for processing. Note that VAL processing takes 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Once approved by the Immigration, the University will send you your Visa Approval Letter (VAL). All new students MUST go to the nearest Malaysian Embassy (preferably in your home country) to obtain a "Single Entry Visa."
  • The VAL is valid only for 3 months. You should get your "Single Entry Visa" and come into Malaysia at least 1 month before your VAL expires.
  • Once you get your "Single Entry Visa" and have made your travel arrangements, inform the University at least seven (7) working days before departing from your country. Bring a copy of your VAL.
  • As required by the Malaysian government, international students need to undergo two sets of health examination/medical check-up:
    • First health examination – International students must undergo the medical check-up in their respective countries before leaving for Malaysia. They will need to ask their doctor to fill-out this form and send a softcopy immediately to the University. Upon arrival, they will also need to hand-over the original copy to the University’s Visa Department.
    • Second health examination – International students need to undergo a second medical check-up within seven (7) days of arrival in Malaysia. A 2nd health examination form must be completed.