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IUCAS College

International  University  College  of  Arts and  Science  (IUCAS),  formely  known  as International  University  College  of Nursing,  is  the  principal  university  in  the world that is dedicated solely to nursing programmes  with  32  disciplines.  The change of name was made upon recognizing the global educational changes. This rebranding is important as it  supports  all  efforts  and  initiatives  to diversify the programmes in the fields of arts  and  science  and  the  experiential learning  it  gives  to  students.  Currently, there are many public and private universities in Malaysia providing internationally recognized qualifications.

We  at  IUCAS  intend  to  generate  highly skilled, knowledgeable and employable graduates  who  can  compete  globally. IUCAS  has  taken  on  this  enormous responsibility  which  can  only  be  fulfilled by  cultivating,  nurturing,  and  mentoring young  generations  by  employing  the best  of  available  knowledge  and technology.  These  are  indeed  towering ideas  that  are  the  dreams  of  the  entire members  of  IUCAS.  The faculty has strong commitment, directions and vision to achieve this.  We have chosen to create our own identity by establishing multidisciplinary programmes.  Graduates are given the opportunity to explore and pursue knowledge beyond their field of study.

We have links with industry and business for the practical and applied nature of the courses.  The  Ministry  of  Higher Education(MOHE)  and  Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and other professional  bodies  endorse  the programmes,  thus  ensuring  a  wider recognition internally. Malaysia is ranked as one of the major exporters of tertiary education in this region and is a preferred choice of international students.  We are blessed with both natural assets and cultural diversity.  It  is an  ideal  place  for  students  to  explore and  to  add  to  their  experience.  To  tap into  the  interests  of  these  young students,  we  offer  activities  like  nature walks,  field  activities,  stage  and  drama activities.

All these activities will enrich them with fond memories when they go back to their countries.  Since  its  initial inception as a nursing university college, IUCAS  is  now  evolving  into  a  dynamic multidisciplinary  research  university college. Expansion  plans  are  well  underway  to reach  for  the  peak  in  higher  learning and  research.  Ultimately,  our  goal  is  to produce  graduates  who  are  seeking education  for  a  better  future.  We strongly believe that IUCAS possesses all the necessary qualities to be on par with renowned local and international higher learning institutions.  At IUCAS, we receive continuous government support to provide high quality and industry-business driven programmes as well as student financial support. We are well  equipped  with  the  latest  teaching methodology,  experienced  and dedicated  lecturers,  as  well  as  modern infrastructures and technologies such as virtual learning environment and so on.

Programs under IUCAS:

IUCAS College                              

Foundation in Arts

Foundation in Science

Bachelors in Business Administration

Bachelor of Nursing Science with Honours – Pre Registration

Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honours – Post Registration

Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching

Bachelors of Healthcare Management

Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)