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Nirwana College

With a 18 storey stand -alone building right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city, Nirwana College has evolved tremendously since its inception as an institution dedicated to conventional courses like Law and Business. From its very beginning, the institution has believed in providing a caring and conducive environment to the students to become individuals who are successful and well-prepared. Today, Nirwana College is a multidisciplinary institution which offers a comprehensive array of programmes such as Certificate in Secretaryship, Foundation in Science, Certificate in Business, Information Technology, GCE A-Level, Diploma in Information Technology, Hairdressing and Beauty, Hotel Management, apart from still maintaining its Law programme. This dynamic shift is to steer the institution in the right direction.

We have positioned ourselves to meet the swift changing scope of education in Malaysia. The main block is situated on the 10th floor, and includes the administrative unit (the registry and finance) and the library. Restructuring provided two other city campuses which are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to ensure that all students who come here are inspired to pursue their careers with passion.

The infrastructure caters to both the teaching and learning facilities for the students comfort and well-being while on campus. We are committed to excellence in education in providing core values of quality and affordability in our programmes. Our lecturers are experienced in imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge to students. We are whole-heartedly committed to developing students intellectually and morally with leadership qualities.

Programs under Nirwana College:

Nirwana College

Certificate in Secretary-ship

Certificate in Business Information Technology

GCE A Level

Foundation in Science

Diploma in Hotel Management

Diploma Hairdressing & Beauty

Diploma in Information Technology

Degree Transfer Programme (Law)

Bachelor of Law (External) University of London, UK