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Certificate in Dental Surgery Assistant

Program Description

The Certificate for Dental Surgery Assistant program is recognized by Ministry of Health and the quality recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. This is a 24 month course conducted with up-to-date curriculum which includes dental anatomy, oral pathology, dental histology, dental anatomy and hands-on training. This program is conducted with modern equipment, conducive learning environment and exposed to practical experience at the earliest part of the course.

Module Layout

Year One

Semester 1

Semester 2

General Anatomy, Physiology and General Pathology

Dental Instrumentation & Dental Treatment, Dental Material-2

Dental Anatomy, Dental Histology, Oral Pathology

Dental Radiology

Microbiology, Infection Control-1

Infection Control-2

Oral Health Education (Prevention-1)

Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Dental Instrumentation, Dental Treatment, Dental Material-1

Moral / Islam


Malaysian Studies


Dental Anatomy


Oral Health Education (Prevention-2)


Introduction to Computer



Year Two

Semester 3

Semester 4

Practical Attachment (9 Months)

Tutorial / Revision

Professional Development

Bahasa Malaysia




January, March, June, August


Two Years





Entry Requirements

Minimum 1 Credit (SPM) or (SPMV) with a pass in Bahasa Malaysia. Candidates with a pass in Science, English & Mathematics subjects will be given priority.

MOHE Approval Code



Inquire for more details (Scholarships Available - CLICK HERE)

Assessment Style

Semester Basis  (Coursework and Examinations)

Job Description

Oral surgeons typically work with one or more dental surgical assistants when performing dental procedures. They provide primary dental care for patients, taking and developing dental radiographs (x-ray), prepare and sterilize instruments before treatment. Other usual and customary duties include maintaining accurate and detailed reports and patient records, equipment inventory and stock.

Career Opportunities’

The concerns for dental healthcare in Malaysia is growing significantly. There aren't enough dentists nor dental surgery assistant, there is a great demand to full up by the minimum requirement by 2020. The government is catching up with the developments in the dental progression and so the health ministry has targeted to fill the number required by the country